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Assignment Under Protest Form

SNA Lactation Accommodation 010822

Understanding Hospital Dates



AHA (American Hospital Association)

California Code of Regulations
(Note: Title 22 applies to hospital or do a keyword search)

CA Board of Reg Nurses

Center for Disease Control

HCFA Health Care Financing Administration
“Administers MediCare, MediCal & State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)”

Operating Room Benchmarks

OSHA Workers’ Page

United States Dept. of Labor


California Department Public Health (CDPH)

To make an anonymous complaint regarding patient safety/patient care-call:
(707) 576-6775


Joint Commission (JCAHO)
(800) 944-6610
Weekdays 8:30a-5:3p Cental Standard Time
Report Complaint JCAHO


Dept. of Industrial Relations

To make an anonymous complaint regarding missed meal breaks/rest periods or overtime-call:
707-576-2362           How To File Wage Claim