About Us

Representing Over 165 Years of SRMH Nursing


The Staff Nurses Association of Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, established in 1975, created, managed, and comprised of SRMH Staff Nurses, advocates for Staff Nurses’ rights and for the safety of our patients. Unity and Strength have made SNA’s accomplishments possible.

SNA wants our membership to know who we are and what we do. So below is just some of what each board member is responsible for. The entire board meets monthly with Administration at the Nursing Coordinating Council. There are many meetings outside of this meeting that the board members also attend, examples would be. Quarterly meetings with Vicki White CNO and others when issues arise. We hope that this gives you an idea of who we are and how we work for you and are committed to our jobs and representing you.

In Solidarity the SNA Board

SNA Board Members for 2022


Peter Brackner- President Sotoyome
15 years of service

Peter Brackner RN, BSN, graduated from nursing school in December 1995.He came to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in 2006 and joined the SNA Board in 2016. He took on the position of President of the SNA Board as of 2021. He originally was hired to the tele renal unit when it was located on 2E and was part of the move to 4N. He was a designated lead on 4N until he was offered the opportunity to try his hand at nurse management at Sutter Solano Medical Center, which he accepted and served there for 14 months. It was that experience in a middle management position that solidified his love of working at the bedside as well as his drive to join the labor movement. He returned to SRMH December 12th,2010, and was rehired at SRMH to 1C. He stayed on 1C until he was given the opportunity to open the Sotoyome Unit. When he joined the SNA board, he was able to participate in the Arbitration against Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for violations against our Collective Bargaining Agreement addressing Lead Nurses with a patient assignment. SNA won this arbitration leading to extra pay for Lead nurses when given a patient assignment. He was on the bargaining team to negotiation the 2017 and 2020 SNA contracts. In 2019, Peter worked with Laura Hanson to create the SNA Facebook page and he serves as one of the administrators of the site. He represents nurses during disciplinary actions and Fact Findings. He writes the SNA Newsletter to our membership on behalf of the SNA Board.

As President, Peter officiates the monthly SNA Board meetings, monthly Nursing Coordinating Council meetings, and quarterly meetings with Vicki White, CNO and the quarterly SNA Membership meetings. He also shares the responsibility of answering the emails and phone messages from SNA members 7 days/wk. Peter contacts members of Hospital Administration on behalf of nurses concerning contractual or Hospital policy issues and advocates for the nurse(s). He consults with the SNA’s attorney on issues requiring legal advice and counsel.

Peter also represents the SNA Board and the nurses of SRMH in organizations to which SNA belongs (Jobs with Justice, H-Peace). This keeps the SNA current and present in the community in any actions taking place to advocate for workers. He is committed to represent the SNA in maintaining contacts with County
Supervisors, State and Federal legislators regarding health care issues that impact Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital nurses. He along with other members of the SNA Board collaborate with other unions and support other unions by joining informational pickets and strike lines (e.g., NUHW, SNP, Unite Here, CNA). He will also organize, coordinate, and prepare the team for our own contract negotiations. These are just some of the responsibilities that are required of the President of the SNA.



Kathy De Bel-Vice President

5 years of service

Monitors and responds to member e-mail
Union Representative for Nurse Discipline meetings
SNA Membership updates via email
Floor/Unit Representative mentor
Research of current and competing contracts for negotiations along with writing proposals and contract language

Being a union member was a new experience for me. I had very little understanding of what union’s did and found myself immediately intrigued from the day I heard about ours in orientation, January 2017. I stayed after the introduction to ask more questions and find out how to engage and learn more. I attended my first membership meeting a few weeks later, became a floor representative for my unit shortly after that and in 2018 became a member of the SNA Board.
In addition to meeting with Hospital Administration and participating with the day-to-day correspondence, I am currently one of two Board members that represent our nurses during discipline meetings. I help to organize and mentor our floor/unit representatives, field questions from nurses about contract language, research policy and share information with members. I am currently working on contract research, contract language and proposals. I am honored to sit at a table with over 100 years of experience, enjoy learning about the power of unions and am in awe of the potential that exists when we stand together. 1 voice can be powerful, 800 voices is undeniable.

Kathy De Bel, BSN, RN, PHN



Tammie Keithley-Treasurer CCD
25 years of service

Tammie Keithley has worked in the ICU at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital since 1997. She was always supportive of SNA and joined the Board in 2016. Tammie assumed the treasurer role in 2017. As Treasurer, Tammie is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day business side of SNA. Tammie negotiates the Lease for the SNA office, pays the monthly bills, makes sure all insurances are current, and works with the CPA and Bookkeeper to file the taxes and LM2 every year. She corresponds with the State and County regarding property and business. Tammie is responsible for keeping current and accurate banking records. She reconciles all accounts monthly, maintains all receipts and records. Tammie researches hospital financial data and calculates profit margins quarterly.

Tammie gives a monthly treasurer report to the Board at the monthly meeting. She also attends the monthly NCC meetings with administration.

Tammie also keeps an annual current list of SNA members that she cross checks with the hospital reports every 2 weeks. She makes sure all dues are current and troubleshoots with HR if they are not. Tammie processes the Health and Welfare checks once the application is approved by the Board. Besides Treasurer she is also the office manager. She has the responsibility that all business insurances are up to date, the office utilities are maintained and deals with the landlord. Tammie finds her role on the SNA Board to be arduous at times but rewarding. She believes the strength of our union is in the empowerment of our members.


Kery Poteracke-Secretary Retired CCD/Urgent Care

46 years of service

Kery Poteracke started at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, as a Care Partner in 1976 in 1977 she became an SRJC Nursing graduate. She spent 2 years in the ortho department, before transferring and spending 21 years in CCD and finished her career in 2014 at Rohnert Park Urgent Care. She continues to work with SNA since her retirement in 2014. In 1980 she took the board position of treasurer, which she held till 1986 and participated in three negotiations before resigning due to babies. In 2007 Kery was approached to join the board and she took the job as secretary and has participated at another 6 negotiation tables since then. Kery takes minutes for all meetings attended by SNA. She with the IT assistance of her son-in-law built the snanews@sonic.net website, that now maintains the e-mail addresses and departments for almost the entire membership of 730 Nurses. Kery also sits on the Clinical Ladder Committee as the SNA representative. She greets the new hires at orientation weekly, passes out contracts and introduces them to SNA. Every two weeks she deals with HR reports of new hires, termination and changes in status of nurses. She tracks hires and terminations in order to see what departments are having large turnovers. This is information we share with Administration. In the few years or so since the hospital became part of Providence, Kery has been the go-to for Nurses not getting their Step Increases on time, retro pay not being paid and any other issue dealing with HR around wages. It has been Kery’s pleasure to be on the SNA Board and work with such dedicated Board Members and to help our membership when needed.



Laura Hanson-Board Member 2E
23 years of service

Laura Hanson
Staff Nurse on Neuro (2E) has been at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for 22 years. She joined the SNA Board in 2011 as a representative for the Med Surg Nurses. As an RPT 4-day shift Nurse, and relief lead, she brings the experience of working a busy floor, with all the changing policies and demands, with a 5-patient load. She shares this experience, of what is working and what is not, with the Board, and with hospital administration during our monthly meetings. Laura also created and maintains the SNA Website as well as the Facebook page along with Peter Brackner. She also designs all our occasion cards, flyers, and maintains the hospital bulletin boards. Laura also after a lot of persuasion, introduced Survey Monkey to the Board with great success. The contract surveys and membership voting are so much easier. Survey Monkey has greatly helped the SNA Board since is now receives over 50% participation response (close to 400). In the old days we were lucky to get 50 Nurses to participate!! Laura had been a huge driving force for Acuity. She has sat on that committee for several years and is still fighting to build a fully represented committee as well as fighting for the hospital to staff to acuity every shift. Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the SNA Board.


Gloria Frederick-Board Member Case Management
17 years of service

Gloria Frederick has worked at Santa Rosa Memorial since 2005.
Gloria serves as a Board Member of SNA. Gloria has her MSN, RN, CMSRN and has 27 years of experience in nursing. Before becoming a member of the SNA Board, Gloria was a very active SNA nurse. She could be seen many days coming to watch negotiation sessions and attending membership meetings as an SNA floor representative.
Gloria continues to serve as a representative for the UM/Case Management Department. In 2017 she had the opportunity to serve on the negotiations team. In December 2017 she was officially elected to the SNA Board as a member and has served ever since in that position. One of her main roles is collecting, researching, interpreting, and analyzing data regarding Providence Saint Joseph Health System and how it relates to Santa Rosa Memorial. She also collects information on other hospitals in our region, state, and the Nation. Gloria also helps to submit pictures for the Facebook web site to Peter and Laura. She at time assisted Kery Poteracke with the new hire orientation classes. She attends many meetings and events in the community representing SNA. A few examples: 2018 March on the Front Lines with Unite Here Hotel workers for fair pay and healthcare, picketing with NUHW, the 2018 Conference for Institute on Union Women, Jobs with Justice meetings and events, June 28,2019 Public meeting with California Attorney General regarding the proposed changes of Control and Governance regarding Providence St Joseph Health System and Adventist Health System. She reviews and assists in answers to e-mails daily from our SNA members. Gloria along with Peter Brackner, and Kathy De Bel host the SNA Floor Representative meetings. Gloria and other team members are actively reviewing, collecting analyzing and writing proposals for the upcoming 2020 Contract Negotiations. Gloria will join other members of the SNA Board this summer at the table for the 2020 Negotiations. She also picketed with NUHW in 2020/ She served on the 2020 Bargaining team that successfully negotiated our 2020-2023 contract. In 2021 Gloria, along with Laura Hanson gathered and analyzed data and research for the Break-Relief Pilot Project. She reviews andassists in answers to emails daily from our SNA members. “wish for the New Year is for every nurse to be seen and heard.”



Rosalyn Hart Board Member CCD
10 years of service

Rosalyn Hart has worked at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital since 2011. She has worked in the ICU for ten years and joined the rapid response team a year ago. Rosalyn joined SNA as a board member in 2021. She first worked at Santa Rosa Memorial in 2006 as a unit secretary during nursing school. She graduated from nursing school in 2007 and has been in intensive care ever since. Rosalyn has become more involved with the hospital over her ten years. She became a staff nurse four a few years ago, and now has joined the SNA union to further grow and help her fellow colleagues and patients. Rosalyn also works as a hospice nurse part time as she is very passionate about patient care in, and out of the hospital.

Rosalyn looks forward to her new role on the union board and getting to know all the nurses that she now represents. She is always open to stopping and helping anyone throughout the hospital as she rounds when working as the rapid response nurse. Please don’t be shy to stop her for any questions or ask for help with a turn! Even though she works on day shift, ICU starts at 0500 so look for her at the end of your night shifts as well.