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Dear SNA Member,

Contract Negotiations have Concluded. We will Post the New Contract as soon as we review, and then receive it from the Hospital. This process typically takes a few months. You will also receive a contract book in the mail.

The SNA Board continues to meet monthly with the Hospital at the Nursing Coordinating Council Meeting every third Thursday. We post discussions that take place at those meetings under the Monthly News Tab on this website. Please take a minute to review the discussions, if you have any comments or concerns please email us, we value your feedback !

Thank You

   SNA Members have voted Nov 8th,

to RATIFY the Tentative Agreement for a new 2017-2020 Contract.

The exact count was 314 to ratify and 161 votes not to ratify, for a total of 475 nurses voting of 724 nurses eligible to vote. A ratification vote requires 50% plus 1, of the nurses voting to ratify, and these vote totals meet that benchmark.

  We wish to thank the 2 staff nurses, who independent of the SNA team, counted and verified the vote.

        Thank You for your support of the SNA Team, and your colleagues.

              It is an honor to represent you !

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